Why Pdf?

When a pdf-document, created with pdfMachine, is displayed on a screen or printed out, the formatting in the original document is preserved. This applies to any operating system, program or computer that views the pdf-document.

You can open, read and print Pdf-files with all the free pdf-readers available from the internet. The Pdf-files can be viewed on operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Linux/Unix variants.

The Pdf-format is the best file format for long-term digital filing. Other file formats are quickly outdated and cannot be read. Pdf/A is an abbreviation for Pdf Archive. This file format has been developed for documents to be read on future it-systems in many years to come. However, this is not the case with formats like MS Word and Excel - they will follow the development and thereby quickly become outdated.

In a Pdf the text will be saved in a searchable format.

Pdf-files can be viewed/displayed in most browsers. The Pdf-files can now be stored for offline use or printed.

Colour and size
Pdf-files give you a sharp and colour-exact print on most printers. The user can enlarge the document with up to 800% without losing any sharpness in text or graphics. Pdf-files can be optimised and often take up less space than conventional formats.

Examples of pdf use

  • Stationery
  • Invoices
  • Special offers
  • Order confirmations
  • Price lists
  • Brochures
  • Product info
  • Manuals
  • Papers and newsletters
  • Summary from meetings
  • Presentations